Joshua Brewster better known by his stage name "Josh Breezzyy" is an american Rapper and Engineer from Long Island NY. Currently the Co-Owner of Independent Label "McKnight Records" he himself is a free agent act, operating through McKnight Records.

Early Life
 Josh was born to his mother Christina and his father Anthony on February 13th, 1996 in Long Island NY. Josh spent the first 6 months of his childhood living with his unmarried parents in his father's mom's house. At about 6 months Josh's mother and father split up and Josh moved into his mother's mom's house with his mom for the next 5 years. During this time, Josh would be in the middle of a child visitation battle and custody battle which would lead his parents into being on some of the worst terms in history. During this time though, Josh would find a new father figure in his grandfather, Herb, who looked after Josh while his mother was at work and was really the father figure in Josh's life that he needed. Eventually Josh would see his father on a Bi-Weekend basis. That really impacted Josh's life growing up in what some would say a good way. Fast forward to age 6. Josh's mom is now getting married to what would become Josh's step-father and they would move out of his grandparents basement into a nice family home a few blocks away. A few years later, Josh's little brother would be born and the family would move right next door to where Josh grew up. The family moved into the house right next to his grandparent's house where they would spend the next 10 years. In 2007 Josh would lose his best friend, his father figure and his buddy, to kidney failure and his life would here take a turn for the worst.

High School

Josh Breezzyy attended Riverhead High School on Long Island and graduated 83rd in his class of over 300 in 2014. Josh also graduated from The Academy of Applied Technology earning 2 Mastery Certificates in Audio Production in 2014 as well. During High School Josh competed with Connor Karpilovsky in the SkillUSA competition where they placed 2nd in Regional Competition and 3rd in States in the Audio Production category. Josh Breezzyy produced his Freshman album in his Senior Year of High School entitled "Illuminati Pt.2: Before They Take Me" which was critically acclaimed by his peers as well as thousands around the world. He was also in what ended up to be a 1 year relationship with then girlfriend who's name shall remain confidential which influenced most of the positive uplifting songs on the album. Josh never performed at his High School, but keeps it open as an opportunity to return one day and perform.

McKnight Records

A Record Label started by 5 friends which would give Josh the outlet to produce his music. McKnight Records was started by Josh Brewster, Connor and Kyle Karpilovsky, Michael Pino And Tre McKnight. Now, Independently Owned by just Josh, McKnight Records is a Independent Label with Artists such as:  Kyle "KDK" Karpilovsky and Charles "Caprot" Caputo. McKnight Records has released Illuminati Pt. 2 and 3 along with Illuminati: Willows Way and the 1 year anniversary mix-tape "Trust Us", as well as MASK: Music and Soul Kit in late 2016. 


Josh Breezzyy attends the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and is majoring in Music Business. Through the first year of his college experience, he met a group of friends who helped further his music career in Kenneth Mozee and Sakorey Davis. These three would go on to form a musical Club and produce many Hip-Hop shows around campus as well as hold events and perform for other clubs and organizations as well. Through Sakorey is where Josh was found by Kevin Ball, CEO of 8 Ball Entertainment, which he later cut ties with and since then, its really just taken off.


Josh Breezzyy has released a Trilogy Saga of music. He first appeared in the Rap and Hip Hop realm with his Mixtape "Illuminati Pt. 1: The Mixtape. Then 2 years later, he hit the streets as well as iTunes and Spotify with his first Full Length LP "Illuminati Pt. 2: Before They Take Me" which released in February of 2014. After a 3 month hiatus from the local and world wide scene, Josh through a curve ball Mix-Tape into the mix with his release of "Illuminati: Willows Way EP" which released in July of 2014. After the well received project of "Willows Way" he then went on to perform at local theaters as well as his own college campus events to Promote his Album. Then boom. Another disappearance from the scene with no music. But as it seemed fit, Josh released a Single entitled "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" which contained very aggressive and political lyrics, with a catchy and meaningful hook as well as an excerpt from Malcolm X. This video sky rocketed and received notification from Rapper ICE-T as well as multiple NAACP Chapters and many critically acclaimed Hip Hop heads. Within the video, contained what YouTube deemed "Copyright Material" which in reality was a montage of Police Brutality videos. At its peek of ten thousand three hundred and twenty five views (10,325) the video was removed do to this "Copyrighted Material". After that, Josh stayed behind the scenes and was preparing for his next big release. And in the Summer of 2015, Our ears were blessed with the third (3rd) installment of the Illuminati Saga: "Illuminati Pt.3: Gone But Not Forgotten". The build up for this album was fueled by a 2 hour in-depth interview which was live streamed from the Kyle K Show which discussed everything from the "Illuminati" meaning to the very first release from the Album "Let It Go" Ft. Anna. which commercially flourished. After the success of "Something About You" and "Let It Go" Josh decided to sharpen up his skills as an Emcee and Song Writer and take a different route. Staying Quite for over a year, he released "MASK" Music and Soul Kit" with the Single "Away With Me" being the stand out track. Away With Me Features Singer Hennessy and marks their first collaboration. The song did well and is still streaming well almost a year later. In May of 2017 Josh Released the Logic inspired track "All of Us" Promoting Peace, Love and Positivity in which got high praise from Hip Hop Blogs, and his fans. He released the Music Video May 20th, 2017 and it marked his first venture into Music Videos. Since then he has been teasing his Double Disk album "Tortured Artist" and has released a few remixes on a Soundcloud Project entitled "Summer 17: Rap Up". Since The Summer of 2017 Josh has been doing pop up shows in the north east with Smoove Impact and is gearing up to go on an East coast Tour. We are set to find out more in the coming months. 

8 Ball Entertainment

Upon hearing Illuminati Pt. 2: Before They Take Me Boston Record Label and Super Group "8-Ball Entertainment" got in contact with Josh and offered him a 2 year recording deal. Immediately after signing with 8-Ball, Josh recorded a Hit Single "Whats Up?" with 8 Ball's own Smoove Impact and its release date is still soon to be set, but the single was performed as the opening song for the Smoove Impact set at the Green Fest in Boston this past August. Josh and Smoove Impact went on to perform at UMASS Dartmouth, Brandeis University, The University of Bridgeport, Hard Rock Boston and a few other events. As of 2017, Josh asked for his release from 8-Ball and has been completely independent ever since.